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One thing that I made clear to Dr. Nikol who was my main treating provider, that I really don’t want to go the medication route to fix thyroid. I learned from various sources, is that once I start on the meds, my thyroid will eventually stop working because it would become accustomed to medication doing all the work in producing thyroid hormones. Of course, I was also concerned about potential side effects. So we agreed that we will first go the supplement/healthy lifestyle change route. And then if absolutely necessary, will try the medication (which local pharmacy compounded mix of T3 and T4). So Dr. Nikol started me on the following: -Thyroid Support Complex by Pure Encapsulations for thyroid (includes vital elements for thyroid functioning) -Vitamin D3 (I started with 10,000 i.u., then lowered to 5,000 i.u.) -Iron Supplement for anemia (taking Ultimate Iron by Enzymatic Therapy – very gentle
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