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Mother’s Intuition

My baby’s tummy was not happy. It hasn’t been happy for weeks. This mama already tried many remedies and now was getting all kinds of advice, from pediatrician, from her own mom, from homeopathic doctor, from Facebook friends, from real life friends, even from Google. Of course, this mama was clueless about what to do next. Whom to listen to? This was not a unique situation. Throughout the first year of my son’s life I have come across these types of situations multiple times: about how often to feed the baby, how to get him to sleep, what is normal as far as his bowel movement goes… and the list goes on. These are situations that do not have a clear cut answer. If you are a mom, you will probably be able to relate. At first, all of the advice made my head spin. I felt stuck in my tracks, paralyzed and not
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