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Kombucha Culture & Leaky Gut Connection

Since I had moved to sunny and beautiful San Diego a few months ago, I have been exploring local organizations and services that make a difference in their community’s health. So I decided to start a series of blogs to connect folks who are looking for support with their thyroid health (hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s / Grave’s) and local resources. Today I would like to introduce a new venture that just opened its tap room doors (literally a few weeks ago) – the Kombucha Culture. Noel Brady, Adi Ramon, and Eric Mathur established Kombucha Culture in 2014 and I had the pleasure to peruse the establishment and taste their goodness during the tap room grand opening.But before I jump into how delicious their beverage creations are and how I was craving them the next day, I want to share with you the reason I had chosen to share about their products with you. After all,
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Postpartum depression: are you misdiagnosed?

Imagine. You’ve just gotten pregnant and the sickness begins. Somehow it doesn’t feel like any normal kind of sickness.  You eat and gain weight nearly uncontrollably.  You have a hunch what it is, but the doctor diagnoses you with normal pregnancy issues and ignores your concerns. You give birth to your little precious being and somehow, unexplainably, you picture yourself throwing him against the wall.  The depression is unbearable.  You’re unable to lose weight no matter what you try. You are extremely exhausted.  You beg your doctor to check your thyroid, knowing it could be the culprit.  They find, after ignoring you the first time, that your TSH came back at 100 (normal range is 0.5-2.5). Awareness about thyroid issues is lacking. This is a problem as it’s leading to many women being misdiagnosed with postpartum depression and automatically prescribed antidepressants.  Unfortunately, doctors aren’t perfect. Many of them are jumping to the
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