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Kombucha Culture & Leaky Gut Connection

Since I had moved to sunny and beautiful San Diego a few months ago, I have been exploring local organizations and services that make a difference in their community’s health. So I decided to start a series of blogs to connect folks who are looking for support with their thyroid health (hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s / Grave’s) and local resources. Today I would like to introduce a new venture that just opened its tap room doors (literally a few weeks ago) – the Kombucha Culture. Noel Brady, Adi Ramon, and Eric Mathur established Kombucha Culture in 2014 and I had the pleasure to peruse the establishment and taste their goodness during the tap room grand opening.But before I jump into how delicious their beverage creations are and how I was craving them the next day, I want to share with you the reason I had chosen to share about their products with you. After all,
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