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Chocolate Energy (Sugar Free) Protein Balls

I wanted to make something delicious but free of all the sugar, simple carbs, processed flour junk that is 11 Day Detox friendly. And voila! These Chocolate Power Balls are so delicious. Try and tell me what you think. PrintSugar Free Chocolate Energy 15 minutes See Detailed Nutrition Info on 1/4 cup unsweetened sunflower seed butter or tahini 1/3 cup hemp protein powder (Nutiva or Living Harvest recommended) 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 25 drops plain liquid stevia 3 tablespoons dark cocoa powder or cacao powder InstructionsPour all ingredients into a bowl. Mix until well combined. Let cool in the fridge for 5 minutes, then roll into 1-inch thick balls. Serve as is or rolled in shredded coconut.
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Healthy Cobbler with Mousse “smash cake”

Last weekend we celebrated my sweet little son’s First Birthday. It was a beautiful occasion,  and as you can imagine, very special to my heart. I like traditions, but I also like to break the rules. So I created a healthy version of a smash-cake. The cake wasn’t really a cake as we know it, but instead it was a apple-sweet-potato cobbler topped covered with a mousse. It was a sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free dessert, and made from real food.  But then, after blowing out his First Birthday candle, we put our little Pumpkin in his Birthday chair to do the smashing, my little one wasn’t too interested in digging in. (Although later on, my mom was able to spoon feed him some of that cake, and he seemed to enjoy it a ton!) My mother-in-law baked the cobbler, and I prepared the mousse. Both turned out to be so good, they
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