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Healthy snacks for toddlers, or What in the world is in those Cheerios?

A few moms in my birth month group had recently asked me a question: “What do you think about feeding my 1 year old baby (about to become a toddler) some Cheerios?” and “What are some other healthy snack options for the times you are on-the-go”? This got me thinking. I have not bought cereal for my family in years because I do not consider it to be real food. Especially Cheerios. But I decided to investigate to see what’s in there. Maybe the ingredients are super awesome? I thought “Hmmm, this may be an easy answer to a snack dilemma”. So, I pulled up the ingredients for Cheerios, Organic 365 Morning O’s, and Happy Baby Organic Puffs. Here are my findings: The GOOD: 1. All of them have WHOLE grain (oats or brown rice) as the first ingredient, which is awesome. First ingredients are very important, because its the
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