Still not feeling well, despite thyroid treatment?

thyroid treatmentI was recently giving a talk about thyroid health and stress at a Thyroid Support group I organize in San Diego. One of the participants with thyroid imbalance shared with the group about how she was prescribed medication, feeling a slight improvement, and then going back to feeling exhausted again.

As you may or may not know, thyroid wellness has been my passion for the last few years because of my own personal journey, struggle and victory over the disease. I have done tons of research and studying from some of the top practitioner experts on the topic.

There have been over 300+ symptoms identified when it comes to this disease, and the top most common are stubborn weight, persistent exhaustion, and feeling cold (low body temperatures). Crazy right? So if you have thyroid imbalance and feeling all kinds of discomforts, its not “all in your head”!

This person in my group was sharing about how her symptoms returned, despite receiving the treatment. She was in shock. Well, she is not alone. This is a very common response for someone who may not be getting the best care for their thyroid disease.

I was recently interviewed by Felena Hensen of Hera Hub (my favorite co-working space in San Diego). We talked about exactly that issue – there are many people struggling with thyroid disorders, and despite receiving treatment, they are still not feeling their optimal. I talked about the reasons behind that.

Please watch this video – I share my thoughts about why people are not feeling their best despite the treatment and what they can do to feel better.

Now I would love to hear from you – COMMENT ON THIS POST- do you struggle with thyroid illness? Are you receiving treatment, but still not feeling your best? Or maybe you found something that works for you – I will love to hear about your successes too!

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