Mother’s Intuition

Woman meditatingMy baby’s tummy was not happy. It hasn’t been happy for weeks. This mama already tried many remedies and now was getting all kinds of advice, from pediatrician, from her own mom, from homeopathic doctor, from Facebook friends, from real life friends, even from Google. Of course, this mama was clueless about what to do next. Whom to listen to?

This was not a unique situation. Throughout the first year of my son’s life I have come across these types of situations multiple times: about how often to feed the baby, how to get him to sleep, what is normal as far as his bowel movement goes… and the list goes on. These are situations that do not have a clear cut answer. If you are a mom, you will probably be able to relate.

At first, all of the advice made my head spin. I felt stuck in my tracks, paralyzed and not sure what to do next. With time, however, I have learned to deal with this by taking a step back, and not rushing to make a decision.  At least not right away. In fact, one of the best advices I ever got that helped me deal with this uncertainty was from the aforementioned pediatrician. He said to me – “just listen to your intuition”.

Initially it wasn’t easy to listen to my intuition. I wasn’t sure how it would feel or what I would hear when my intuition spoke. I didn’t know which part of the body it resided in. However with time, I started to develop a sense for it. It was like a muscle, the more I used it, the more I could sense it.

Why is mother’s intuition so important?

Is it more important than opinions of qualified professionals or others with great experience, like our own mothers? It was a question I pondered being a new mom. And here is the answer I came to.

I asked myself, how did our ancestral moms know what to do? After all, they didn’t have the back up of an extensive research studies, books on the subject of interest, or Facebook for that matter. They had to rely on something in order to make sure their offspring survived. That something must have been “mother’s intuition”. I am imagining that their access to their intuition was a bit more easily attained. That’s because they were not constantly bombarded by messages from all sides: they were not watching TV, paid advertisement, talking to friends on Facebook, or reading books on parenting. In other words, they were not as easily “brainwashed” as our culture can be in modern times. These days, I think we let the society around us think for ourselves a bit too much.

For modern women, it seems to me, it is much easier to lose touch with their inner knowing, which is intuition. I believe I fell victim to that. I was never encouraged to listen to my gut. So how do we get it back? I say, “get it back”, because we may lose touch with it, but it is still there, within us. We can get it back, with practice.

A few suggestions to get in touch with intuition:

  • When in doubt and you do not see a clear answer, do not make a hasty decision. Instead, “sleep on it”. Meditate on it. Sit with it in silence and see what feelings come up. Of course there is an exception: an emergency situation where you have to make a decision immediately. In that case, still, try to get in touch with your inner voice.
  • “Try on” different solutions, visualize them, and see how each solution feels in your body.
  • Ask yourself your big question that you are stuck on, then put a hand over your heart, breathe, and feel the answer. If the answer is the right one, you will know it in the way you feel. If you are feeling lightness, certainty, joy, energy, then it’s the right one. If you feel your stomach in knots or tightness in your throat, then you are probably getting a negative answer.
  • Sometimes your intuition will come through to you in a dream. Pay attention to it. Place a paper and pen by your bed before you go to sleep, and ask for inner guidance on your big question. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up so that you don’t forget them.

And so I went with my intuition to heal the baby’s gut. Outcome: a much happier baby the next day.

Now I would love to hear from you, mama. How do you make parenting decisions when there is no clear answer? If you use your intuition, how do you get in touch with it?

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