Hashimoto’s and Pregnancy


Many say there are risks that come with Hashimoto’s and trying to conceive and the actual pregnancy.

That was why I was pretty scared at the prospect of starting our family. I very much wanted to have babies. But one doctor after another was telling me that I might have trouble conceiving and once I conceive, might have a problematic pregnancy. Why, do you ask? It is those damn hormones that are out of whack! And it is those crazy antibodies that are after my thyroid! And on top of it all, they tested my reproductive hormones, and some of them were out of balance as well – my estrogen levels were too high and progesterone levels were too low. A common problem for women of my age, as I was told. Great (sarcasm here)!

As you have read in my previous blog entries, I was already working to improve Hashi’s and was getting better at it. My thyroid levels came within normal range and my antibodies disappeared. I have had consistently good lab results. Now I have to address my estrogen and progesterone levels. So, at the suggestion of my doctor and health coach, I started taking Vitex and Dong Quai supplements, which are adoptogens. What are adaptogens, you ask? They are the substances that bring our body into balance, they lower whatever needs to be lowered, or increase whatever needs to be increased. Magical huh? I do not think it is magic, I think it is Mother Nature at her finest. Vitex is an herb, and an adaptogen to reproductive system. Dong Quai is a plant, and its roots are used to make the medicine. Dong Quai and Vitex have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. I was told that it would take a couple of months for these two supplements to start making positive changes in my body.

Acupuncture was also highly recommended to help balance my system, as well as balance my hormones. Therefore, I continued with acupuncture. I also continued with daily meditation, as stress management is enormously important to bring our bodies into balance.

I was tracking my temperature for the purpose of determining my ovulation. A month or so into all of this I started to notice positive changes in my monthly cycle! My hard work was paying off! I strongly believe in mind-body-spirit connection, and my body was conforming to what I was trying to influence within my mind and spirit.

On July 15th 2012 Gil and I found out we were going to be parents- I tested a positive on my pregnancy test! Thus far, this was the happiest moment in my life.

To be continued…

P.S. The blocks in the photograph above spell out “little boy” in Russian.

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