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Stopping gluten and dairy “cold turkey”

My initial  Hashimoto’s diagnosis came in June 2011, when thyroid antibodies test came back positive. I don’t know how long I had it, because they were tested for the first time ever. 2 antibodies were measured, and the lab results showed they were in the 60’s. To have a diagnosis you must have positive antibodies. Some say when antibodies are under 60, then you shouldn’t worry too much about them killing you.So I wasn’t extremely too worried, because I had no idea what Hashimoto’s was just yet. Hubby and I went on Honeymoon to Paris in July and ate lots and lots of crepes. Who doesn’t eat crepes in Paris, right?! Seriously, we must have eaten 2-3 crepes each per day . (You will learn the significance of crepe eating a bit later) I came back and got tested for food intolerance and it turned out I was intolerant to
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Looking for Answers

I’m lucky, because I come from a family of “health freaks” – my parents are very much into healthy lifestyle and I think it rubbed off on me. They aren’t fond of mainstream medicine, however, and neither am I (Pharmaceutical and Politics dominated world) . So I didn’t even bother with mainstream medicine, where they would immediately put me on something like Synthroid and tell me “Hashimoto’s isn’t something that’s treated or cured”.You don’t want to cure Hashimoto’s? – fine! I turned to Integrative / Functional Medicine, which is much more progressive than mainstream, and actually combines Eastern and Western approaches. I also snooped around Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, which as you will later read, had also helped my recovery. All this research gave me hope – just what I needed.People who know me also know that I am very pro-active. So I did a lot of reading, researching, and
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Hashimoto’s: finally diagnosed

I started my journey back to health in August 2011. It’s 6 months later, and I want to capture everything I did to get me to my new healthier life today, before I forget. My journey has not ended, and never will, in getting healthier. But I’m at a much better place now. How it all started: I married my amazing husband in June 2011. At the same time I also got a new and wonderful PPO insurance, which paid to run certain tests that HMO wouldn’t cover and doctors wouldn’t order (even when I asked), and also to see really good doctors (such as those that practice Functional Medicine). Thanks to these tests, I discovered that I have Hashimito’s Thyroiditis and my thyroid was acting up, actually, it was too slow. So I was told I had hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroditis. Diseases that affects many many women in our society. Well,
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