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Kombucha Culture & Leaky Gut Connection

Since I had moved to sunny and beautiful San Diego a few months ago, I have been exploring local organizations and services that make a difference in their community’s health. So I decided to start a series of blogs to connect folks who are looking for support with their thyroid health (hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s / Grave’s) and local resources. Today I would like to introduce a new venture that just opened its tap room doors (literally a few weeks ago) – the Kombucha Culture. Noel Brady, Adi Ramon, and Eric Mathur established Kombucha Culture in 2014 and I had the pleasure to peruse the establishment and taste their goodness during the tap room grand opening.But before I jump into how delicious their beverage creations are and how I was craving them the next day, I want to share with you the reason I had chosen to share about their products with you. After all,
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Still not feeling well, despite thyroid treatment?

I was recently giving a talk about thyroid health and stress at a Thyroid Support group I organize in San Diego. One of the participants with thyroid imbalance shared with the group about how she was prescribed medication, feeling a slight improvement, and then going back to feeling exhausted again.As you may or may not know, thyroid wellness has been my passion for the last few years because of my own personal journey, struggle and victory over the disease. I have done tons of research and studying from some of the top practitioner experts on the topic.There have been over 300+ symptoms identified when it comes to this disease, and the top most common are stubborn weight, persistent exhaustion, and feeling cold (low body temperatures). Crazy right? So if you have thyroid imbalance and feeling all kinds of discomforts, its not “all in your head”!This person in my group was sharing about how her symptoms returned, despite receiving the treatment. She was in shock. Well, she is
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