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Clean eating vs diets. Why Diets don’t work.

You may have heard all the buzz around clean eating. But what exactly is clean eating? And how is it different from dieting? Talking from experience, I cannot tell you how many diets, and how much time and energy I have spent on pills and programs to lose weight and rebalance my hormones. Time and time again, I was promised this ‘new me’, only to be let down shortly after the diet or program was over.  Every time I gained more than I had lost, it left me self-conscious, disappointed, and feeling like a failure. The truth of the matter is: DIETS DON’T WORK! Sure, sometimes you lose the weight (at a cost to you financially, your health, and your body) for a short period of time, but diets cannot give you long-term sustainable weight or fat loss.When going through these drastic changes of dieting, your body goes into shutdown mode and
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