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6 Healthy Habits to Prevent Cold and Flu

Since the chilly weather took over, I constantly find myself wanting to run and hide from sneezing, coughing people (although I have nothing personal against these lovely people 🙂 But hey, such is life. There will always be someone who is ill that we cannot necessarily avoid. And that’s OK! In fact, we are constantly being bombarded by millions of harmful bacteria, but somehow our bodies are resilient enough not to let them destroy us. Yes, our body’s immune system are amazing. They have this incredible ability to deal with “foreign invaders” – harmful bacteria and viruses. But, not everybody’s body has an immune system strong enough to always do its job. Our immune system is often weakened after being bombarded by stress, processed foods, environmental allergens, and toxins. So what can you do to ensure you keep your immune system strong? Here are 6 things to start with! 1.
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